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Visitor Registration

All visitors to New Gokula are required to register attendance online prior to visiting the farm. Please do so at least one day prior to your arrival so we can cater for you. If for some reason you decide not to come, we kindly request you to notify us.

You do not need to call ahead, just fill in your details below (including time and date) and we will look forward to greeting you on your arrival.

Only ONE registration form should be filled in per car visiting the farm. The number of visitors is the number of occupants in the vehicle (not your entire group). For example, if you are coming with 3 other members of your household in your car, only fill in the form with your own details and state the Number of Visitors as "4". If you are coming in more than one vehicle, fill in another registration form for the occupants of the second vehicle.

If you would like to bring produce (such as fruits, grains, vegetables, dairy etc) as a donation to the temple, please contact us first on (02) 4998 1800 for a list of ingredients in need.

Please review our Terms & Conditions prior to visiting.

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